Lighthouse Investments provides a wide range of services across multiple product types with skilled professionals who bring years of experience to provide quality and effective management of real estate while keeping in mind the value add necessary to increase real estate values using active management.

There are many real estate service providers that provide high quality services to perform the task at hand.  However, not many service providers have been in ownership positions that can bring the innovation and foresight necessary to not just manage real estate but add value by identifying trends, dislocations and opportunities.  By combining that kind of ownership thinking with relationships built over decades, Lighthouse can help clients identify strategies that can cost effectively add value to real estate then implement those strategies from start to finish.

Many owners, lenders and investors find comfort in large, established companies and Lighthouse has relationships with many of those companies.  However, often those large companies tend to assign junior personnel to the task and the experienced professional that pitched the company is no longer the professional that works on the real estate.  With Lighthouse, our professionals work day to day on third party services properties because relationships are not made for the benefit of the one property, they are made for the benefit of both companies over time.

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